ProRat is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), made by the PRO Group. It is just an awesome program for remotely administering another PC.
SNAP of ProRat:

Its features are:

  • Remote Control
  • System Info, App. Status, Task Manager
  • Add Processes, Files, Download Files
  • Some Funny Stiff for Fun
  • Admin FTP
  • Give Damage: Format Drives
  • Remote Downloader
  • Run MS-DOS Command, Batch Script, VBScript
  • Add a Registry Entry
  • Keylogger: Password Recording
  • Screnshots, Direct Windows Viewing
  • Send Message, Chat
  • Shutdown, Restart, Control Panel, IExplorer, Registry, Printer and Online Controls
  • Much More…Get ProRat to check it out…!

Download it from the Official Site…

Official Site:

11 thoughts on “ProRat

  1. hi dude! me again _ian_ , this pro rat software is for free or not?coz i already download this file but it requires pass…=(..btw i learned alot from you dude tnx alot!!!!!

    • @ _ian_
      Its not free…the full version costs…u have to get cracked version from torrent sites…
      And sorry–I have forgetten the password for that archive…
      I have updated the post and have removed the link to download the archive…
      Thanks for informing me about the password…

      • The password is “Pro”, for the zip archive. I would not try to get a torrented version of a rat virus, You could get it. But I am not that brave :P. $250 is a small price to pay in my opinion, this should be in any penetration testing toolkit!

    • password “pro”

  2. Hi , in the progam ther is virus “cheval troie”

  3. Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
    Have a nice day

  4. Prorat is a famous trojan so all AV detect it as virus but dont worry if you download it from official home page then it may not contain any additional packed trojan with it.But if u download it from any third party site than beware!

  5. When i put my e-mail there when you want to create a prorat server.>!and you need to type your e-mail..! to get notification..>! but why doesn’t work..?! i type any e-mail..!i think with : , , , etc..! can anyone tell me the problem..? or maybe the prorat not work probebly..!?

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