Google+ Project: The Social Thing Google’s Upto!

If you have been reading about Google’s Circles lately, let me update you with more of it! Google’s Project — Google+, of which Circles is a part of is now out at experimental stage, with limited number of users. And just as it was with the new Orkut, you need invites to get into it. Google+ Project is a project aimed at bringing real-life sharing, to the web. Google’s Project incorporates human characteristic of sharing stuff, the one that’s been there since ever — into the web.

Google+ Project

Google+ Project

Just as we all like sharing stuff with our friends,our family and so on, Google’s Circles will let us do the same with boundaries. You can actually choose the people with whom you’d like to share certain stuff, rather than announcing it publicly. This bring us to the selective sharing concept. We can build up different Circles, like one for our close mates, one for relatives and as the need be. This is supposed to offer you better privacy and at the same time, better interaction with others online. The concept is simple, whatever you share with a circle, the people of that circle see it and others don’t. All the users have the Stream which acts like the Facebook’s News Feed. On the stream you can see all the things others have shared with you and whatever is being shared by you and discuss it with that Circle.

Google+ also brings something more - Hangouts. Yes, hangouts. The word means the same as it does in real life, the only difference is that it’ll be an online Hangout! You can look around the Circles for people that are browsing and Hangout with them. It’s more of like having a group talk. Apart from Hangouts, you have the chat feature with Audio Call. You can ring up any of your online friend and have a chat with them.

The +1 button is incorporated into the Google+ Project as well. You can +1 the content you like and it will be publicly visible to your contacts, and you can see what others have +1ed. There’s a similar feature which is not user-based. The Sparks. It’s like adding your interests, whatever you add up over there, will yield results that Google thinks you would be probably interested in.

Here’s the intro video of Google+

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