Payfirma Launches Virtual Credit Card App for iPhone and iPad

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Mobile E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular and as this happens, the ecommerce giants are coming up with new solutions and innovations to address the same. Google, Paypal, Square, Amazon and many others are competing at the moment to develop and bring out the best mobile payment solution that would lead the mobile payment industry in the near future.

Payfirma_LogoAmongst the same atmosphere, we have Canada’s leading payment processor Payfirma with its new innovation in mobile payments. Payfirma bears the motive of developing technologies that enable easy transaction among people, lowering transaction costs and removing commerical barriers at the same time. The new Virtual Credit Card app released by Payfirma makes mobile payments a seamlessly easy task. This app was launched a few days back and is already climbing up the list of Business Section on the App Store, currently occupying the 4th position. Payfirma’sVCC App acts like a terminal for accepting mobile payments at any time, anywhere – on the go. Now anyone can use their iPhone or iPad application and deal with    Visa , American  Express and  Mastercard transactions in real time!

With this app anyone can be accepting payments through credit cards, in a mobile environment and at their own convenience. The user can then forward the money from the app to their dealer,supplier, friend, or themselves — all at a very cost-effective rate! Payfirma charges only 2% per transaction, which is around 40% less than their competitor SquareUp, along with instant sign up and approvals!

In my opinion, this one’s a good tool for business that deserves a try. You can find this application at the App Store.PayFirma VCC App

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2 thoughts on “Payfirma Launches Virtual Credit Card App for iPhone and iPad

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  2. As I Heard, that this app was launched a few days back and is already climbing up the list of Business Section..

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