Treat for iPad – The Collection, A New Way To Explore The World!

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The Collection is what they call the “Appazine” (that’s a combo of App + Magazine). In this ever changing world, this app can be something really useful for the iPad users. Keeping updated with the latest news is a must for human beings, isn’t that the reason we have so many papers,news channels,documentaries and other media out there?

Let’s look at this new revolutionary concept -the collection. The thing that sets this app aside from other media is — it strives to be not-so-boring and informative at the same time, something that all users will fancy. It has a lot to offer, highly interactive & media-rich interface, pleasing presentation, and much more. The Collection promises a unique entertaining experience like never before. Each issue of the collection takes you deep into the details of the topic, and demonstrates the issue with the help of all available media – text, videos,photos,etc. The topics presented by it aren’t localized, they’re global.

For example, the current issue of The Collection is dedicated to “The Global Baby”, which covers the journey of an American couple to extend their family, and the life of surrogates in India. This issue presents this matter in an interesting way with chunks of relevant details. You can visit the collection check out this video, which is put up as a sample right now.

The Global Baby

The Global Baby

In my opinion, this appazine is something that passionate iPad users must give a try to! It is going to help them in not one,but many ways. There’s always something new to learn from every new issue that comes out. It’s going to help them to be better Global Citizens,better aware of the place they live in.

You can get The Collection for iPad over here.

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  1. reico henry says:

    Got it! Very nice

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