Welcome to Hacker’s Lane. It’s nice to have you wanting to know more about us.

What is Hacker’s Lane all about?

Hacker’s Lane is an outcome of HacK_MiNDeD’s techy mind and blogging passion. HL is a spot for tech updates, tutorials, security tips and lots more; computing, and whatever that can be enlisted in it. Oh and yes, we do give you reviews too. :)

HL started out as a simple, sober Blogspot blog in 2008.



HacK_MiNDeD is a teen tech-addict and a hardcore surfer living in Doha, Qatar. His interests range from doing the weirdest things on earth to solving the most complex problems ever. He loves the web, and spends his time on HL, blogging bits of his techie mind. Reading about the latest gadgets, learning new things are parts of his passions.


Founder, Writer and Administrator

Talha M Afzal


Talha is a young hardcore gamer who loves his computer more than his girlfriend (unfortunately, he doesn’t have one). He loves to sing in the bathroom with shower on. He’s cool, as well as nerd at times. And well, he never shares much of his life with anyone, hence his intro is short over here.


Administrator & Maintenance Manager