Google+ Project: The Social Thing Google’s Upto!

Google+ Project

If you have been reading about Google’s Circles lately, let me update you with more of it! Google’s Project — Google+, of which Circles is a part of is now out at experimental stage, with limited number of users. And just as it was with the new Orkut, you need invites to get into it. Google+ Project is a project aimed at bringing real-life sharing, to the web. Google’s Project incorporates human characteristic of sharing stuff, the one that’s been there since ever — into the web.

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Cheap Webhosting Guide for Webmasters


Nowadays websites are gaining a lot of momentum all over and everyone wants to own a site, be it personal or commercial. This post of mine is aimed at helping you to choose a good webhost to begin with. First of all, let me tell you about a web host. A web host is a space provider over the internet that makes your site available to the web users.

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Facebook Directory | Find People on Facebook

Facebook Directory

Do you know about the Facebook People Directory? Facebook is no doubt the website with most number of users. Who knows if you really by chance find someone you knew long back? This is made possible by the Facebook Directory. I recently came across the “Directory” link at the bottom of the page while I was browsing a random profile while not being logged into FB. This link took me to a page where you can find all the users that are currently there on Facebook, by their Name!

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Recycle Your Mobile Phone for Cash

New Mobile phones keep launching in the market, and current ones become “old” and “outdated”. That’s when you buy a new phone. But then, what do you do with your old phones? Do you keep them in the drawer? Lend it to someone? Or just simply dispose them off when they’re completely rotten?

Did you know that there’s an alternative profitable option than all these? Recycling – that’s what it is. Nowadays various recycling companies have started recycling mobile phones. These companies buy your phones at reasonable prices. This way, even you can make some cash with your old phone that you thought was worthless!

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Invisibility in Facebook Chat

Online Now

While looking for invisibility in FB Chat, I came across this application called Online Now which lets you check your online friends without going online. Though you can’t chat with it being invisible, but you can still check out your online friends without showing online to others. This way you can avoid unwanted chats.

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Seen FB’s new “simplified” layout?

Facebook's new layout

Facebook has recently “simplified” its look, and yes its really simple from what it was before – complicated. I had invited a few Orkut users to Facebook, they joined it and then were not active at all on FB. I asked them for the reason for being inactive and they said that FB is complicated and difficult to understand, and Orkut is much simpler and easy to use :)

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