Send Messages to Other PCs over LAN on Windows

How to use Net Send command

Long since I’ve posted any PC tips, so here we go. This post will introduce you to the net send and msg.exe and tell you how to use it to send messages to other PCs which are connected to your LAN. :)

The net send command works for most of the versions of Windows upto Windows XP SP 2. Due to the use of the command for spamming over the WWW, this command was replaced by msg.exe in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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Detect & Block Trojans Manually

Block Trojans

Sometimes, even antivirus softwares fail in removing the trojans, or they don’t even get to know that a trojan is residing on your PC… Here’s what you can do if that happens, and also manually protect yourselves from them and have some fun yourselves blocking them without using any other software :) 1.Get a list [...]

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Disable Windows Security Alerts

That notification box is really bugging…and the icon with a red armor with a X seems really odd at the taskbar’s tray! Security alerts are good but they become no-good when you want to ignore the alerts. Especially, when you’re on a PC with pirated Windows, and most of the pirated windows can’t do automatic [...]

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Rename All Files At Once

Imagine you have transferred images from all your devices such as Digital Camera, Mobile, etc. etc. into the same folder! Everything seems fine, except…the file names…the devices had given a separate name to your image files, and you want them to be one. Its really simple to rename all files at once. Just select all [...]

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Exit A Progam Directly

What do you do when a program gets stuck? Most of you would try to close it by clicking the close button, by using Alt + F4 or by using the Taskmanager…all of these ways will give you errors and take-up a lot of time to close that program.

There’s another way to close a program without wasting any time and without getting any errors!

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Clean-up Your Temp Folder

The “Temp” folder contains the temporary files in Windows. The files which are to be used by the system temporarily are stored in the Temp folder, like the files used by the running programs or the files waiting to be burned to a DVD. The files in this folder are flushed after the computer is [...]

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